Force of nature

A desert may seem desolate, but walking on the dunes of Echoing-Sand Mountain on the edge of the Gobi Desert on a blustery and cold winter's day, I felt the strong power of life.

Guardians of the plateau

he Changtang National Nature Reserve in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region occupies a vast space on the northern Tibetan Plateau, 5,000 meters above sea level. Awarded official status in 1993, it's the third-largest land nature reserve in the world. The park's sheer size means maintaining it as a hav...

Aid-Tibet doctors make major progress in healing

The Aid-Tibet medical aid program in the Tibet autonomous region has achieved great things since it was launched in 2015. Nearly 400 severe diseases now can be treated in the region's hospitals without traveling out of the region to seek medical help.Since the launch of Aid-Tibet in 2015, the program has helped to ...

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