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Finns Party leader announces plan to step down

Finland's opposition populist Finns Party chairman Jussi Halla-aho announced Monday that he woul...

Update: EU imposes new sanctions on Belarus

The European Union (EU) on Monday announced new sanctions against 78 individuals and eight entities ...

Myanmar reports 595 new COVID-19 cases

Myanmar reported 595 new COVID-19 cases on Monday, bringing the total cases in the country to 148,61...

IFC to support Uzbekistan to modernize its chemical industry

Uzbekistan and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) signed a cooperation agreement to attract...

Light of Original Aspiration I

In Aba News, we will review the news of the week. In Focus, we will launch the first episode of the series Light of Original Aspiration. In Aba’s Livelihood, we will visit a promising young man of Rangtang County, who helps locals strive to maintain a...

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